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Micronoc, SonoAg

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Micronoc Soil Amendment - 

Micronoc Soil Amendment is a balanced blend of pure beneficial microorganisms selected for their ability to decompose organic matter, fight pathogens, fix atmospheric nitrogen, increase yield volume, and help hold water retention. It also aids in earlier maturity, stronger fruiting, blooming, and decreased pathogens. MICRONOC SOIL AMENDMENT helps return the soil to a healthy and productive state, and is OMRI listed. Application rate is 1 gallon per acre, and it can be used in both agricultural and residential settings. This product is an ideal choice for those looking to improve the quality of their soil and increase their yields.

Application rate 1 gallon / acre.

Micronoc Dry Seed Inoculant - 

Micronoc Dry Seed Inoculant is an OMRI listed dry seed treatment that has multiple strains of rhizobium, bacillus, and azotobacter with a combination of proprietary microorganisms in a humate powder. This powerful combination of beneficial bacteria and nutrients ensures that your crop is able to utilize the soil's nutrients for maximum growth and crop production. With MICRONOC DRY SEED INOCULANT, you can customize your order to fit your soil's specific needs. It is the perfect inoculant for all planting seeds, providing the essential nutrients for successful germination and growth. 

The recommended application rate is 1 pound to 5 acres  or 100 lbs to 150 lbs of planting seed.  Coat seed thoroughly and plant immediately. Apply to moist soil for best results.  You may double the application rate on poor soils.

Micronoc Liquid Seed Inoculant-

Composed of a unique blend of beneficial microorganisms, MICRONOC LIQUID SEED INOCULANT is the perfect choice for your planting needs. This product is sure to give your seeds the best start possible. It can be applied in the seed trench at the time of planting, or sprayed directly onto the seed prior to planting. With MICRONOC LIQUID SEED INOCULANT, you can be sure that your seeds will have the best chance of success. Rhizobium is a type of bacteria that is beneficial to corn crops. When applied to the soil, rhizobium forms a symbiotic relationship with the corn roots, providing the plant with essential nitrogen. This nitrogen is essential for the growth and development of the corn plant. Rhizobium also helps the plant to absorb other essential nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, and calcium.

The use of rhizobium on corn crops has numerous benefits. First, it increases the yield of the crop by providing the plant with essential nutrients. This increases the overall productivity of the crop, resulting in higher yields. Second, it reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, which can be costly and damaging to the environment. Third, rhizobium helps to improve the soil structure, making it more conducive to corn growth. Finally, it helps to reduce the risk of disease and pest infestations, as the bacteria helps to suppress the growth of pathogens.

Overall, the use of rhizobium on corn crops provides numerous benefits, including increased yield, reduced need for chemical fertilizers, improved soil structure, and reduced risk of disease and pest infestations.

Application rate is 1 gallon to 9 acres on 30 in row. For other application rates refer to label.


Rescue High Energy Foliar Feed

 RESCUE HIGH ENERGY FOLIAR FEED is designed to give the plant energy during the fruiting process, as well as to help the plant overcome stresses such as herbicide lag, moderate hail damage, root rot and wilt. For optimal results, we recommend applying 8 ounces of the product per acre. Additionally, for best results, it is important to apply the product at the right time of the season, such as when the plant is flowering or when the fruit is beginning to form. This will ensure that the plant has the energy it needs to produce a healthy crop.


Return and refund policy 

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