Our Products

Sono Ag is your go-to shop for microbial farming products. Our company has more than 40 years of expertise dealing with nitrogen fixers and other soil beneficial microbes and have identified and isolated the most beneficial microbes in their pure form. By combining a specific collection of necessary microorganisms, our products help to ensure that this symbiotic environment exists in your soil, therefore, increasing soil production for maximum profit.

Micronoc Soil Amendment

Is a balanced blend of pure beneficial microorganisms selected for their ability to decompose organic matter, fight pathogens, fix atmospheric nitrogen, increase yield volume and help hold water retention. It also aids in earlier maturity, stronger fruiting, blooming and decrease pathogens. MICRONOC SOIL AMENDMENT helps return the soil to a healthy and productive state. This product is OMRI listed.

Application rate is 1 gallon / acre.

Micronoc Dry Seed Inoculant

Is an OMRI listed dry seed treatment that has multiple strains of rhizobium, bacillus, and azotobacter with a combination of necessary microorganisms in a humate powder. Proper amounts of nutrients available to the seed at the time of germination allows for maximum growth and crop production. MICRONOC DRY SEED INOCULANT is the key to enduring that your crop is able to utilize your soils nutrients. You may customize your Dry Seed Inoculant order to fit your soil needs. It is "The inoculant for all planting seeds".

The recommended application rate is 1 pound per 5 acres. Coat the seed and plant the seeds as soon as possible after coating.

For seed stickers, the general application guide is 1 gallon of concentrate to 5 gallons of non-chlorinated water.

Micronoc Liquid Seed Inoculant

Composed of our most diverse mixture of microorganisms, MICRONOC LIQUID SEED INOCULANT has the most CFU count of beneficial microorganisms. This product is to be applied in seed the trench at the time of planting. It can also be sprayed directly onto seed prior to planting.

We recommend that you use 1 gallon per acre.

Super Juice (High Carbon) Soil Amendment

Super Juice High Carbon Soil Amendment is an overcharged version of our standard soil amendment. An 8% Fulvic/humic solution has been added to enhance our blend of beneficial microorganisms. This mixture has been selected for the nutrient assimilation and complex carbon chains, and it allows for higher cell development rates by both plants and microbes.

Crop Booster

Our CROP BOOSTER is a powerful blend of complex nutrients and other extra factors all in one liquid solution. It is not a substitute for fertilization, but an excellent way to accelerate fertilizer utilization.

Rescue High Energy Foliar Feed

The RESCUE HIGH ENERGY FOLIAR FEED is designed to give the plant energy during the fruiting process. This product can also be used to overcome stresses such as herbicide lag, moderate hail damage, root rot and wilt . We advise you to apply an amount of 8 ounces per acre.

Turbo Grow

TURBO GROW is a beneficial microorganisms mixture with added minerals and medium concentrates to achieve the optimum environment for your planting seed during the process of germination. It can also be applied to your delinting seed.