Micronoc Microbial Fertilizer Soil Amendment


Micronoc Microbial Fertilizer Soil Amendment - a powerhouse for your plants and soil! Formulated with beneficial bacteria including Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Bacillus, and Mycorrhizae, it's designed to revolutionize your gardening. For seedlings, it's a vigor booster, enhancing root development and nutrient uptake. Top soil applications see improved soil structure and microbial activity, creating a fertile ground for growth. Established plants benefit from increased disease resistance and yield. Rhizobium and Azotobacter enrich soil with nitrogen, Bacillus fights disease, and Mycorrhizae ensure efficient nutrient and water absorption. Transform your garden into a thriving ecosystem with Micronoc Microbial Fertilizer Soil Amendment!
Key product benefits.
Product Name  Micronoc Microbial Fertilizer Soil Amendment

Key Ingredients Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Bacillus, Mycorrhizae

Benefits for Seedlings Enhances root development and nutrient uptake, boosts seedling vigor and resilience against stress.

Top Soil Application Benefits Improves soil structure, increases nutrient availability, and enhances soil microbial activity for healthier topsoil.

Benefits for Established Plants  Promotes stronger root systems, improves plant growth and yield, and increases resistance to diseases and environmental stress.

Rhizobium Benefits   Fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, making it available to plants, which is crucial for plant growth and health.

Azotobacter Benefits Contributes to soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen, promoting root development, and enhancing plant growth.

Bacillus Benefits Produces enzymes and antibiotics that help in disease suppression, nutrient cycling, and can improve plant growth.

Mycorrhizae Benefits Forms symbiotic relationships with plant roots, increasing water and nutrient absorption, and helping plants to better withstand environmental stresses.
Application rate chart
Application Mixing Ratio Method Notes
Plant Application 1 oz. of fertilizer to 1 gallon of water Mix thoroughly, pour 1 cup of mixture into planting hole, plant and water thoroughly. For established plants, use 1 cup for small plants and 2 cups for large plants.
Top Soil Application 4 oz. of fertilizer to 1 gallon of water Apply using a pump sprayer. Evenly distribute over the topsoil, incorporate and water thoroughly. Ensure even coverage for optimal results.

This product is OMRI listed, indicating it is suitable for organic use. It's designed to enhance root growth, increase yields, suppress pathogens, and promote nitrogen fixation in the soil. Always handle with care, following the safety directions provided on the label, and keep out of direct sunlight.


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