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Grow Crops the Natural Way

Sono Ag creates natural, organic microbial products. These products serve many purposes like pulling nitrogen from the earth's atmosphere, defend against fungal pathogens, disease, decompose organic matter and increase yeilds.  

Among these products is Micronoc Seed Inoculant. Micronoc Seed Inoculant contains microbes that absorb and utilize nitrogen from the air to convert it into forms that the plant can use. Employing microbes in crop production offers the following benefits:

  • Produces Nitrogen Without Fertilizers
  • Enhanced Root Formation and Protection
  • Higher Nutrient Utilization
  • Faster and Stronger Growth

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  • Stronger Blooming and Fruiting
  • Improves Quality of Crops
  • Increased Yield Volumes
  • Decreased Wilt and Soil Disease

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